Social Welfare

Social Welfare activities

A social welfare system is a network of programs created to assist a country’s citizens at various stages of their lives. The system usually arises from the efforts of a government or organizations to provide social welfare. It’s an ongoing process meant to care for the specific needs of society. Through social welfare programs, the citizens are shielded from the financial insecurities of life.
In the evolution of social welfare in India, like in many countries, two broad trends can be noticed: reform of the society and the provision of specific services to the handicapped and disadvantaged individuals and groups. Much before the beginning of social reform during the nineteenth century, there were several religious reform movements by the saints. They were revolting against the religious inequality and in some cases against social inequality as well. They fought against the prevalent practice of excluding the lower groups in society from opportunities to worship God, and their access to religious knowledge. Some of them attempted to remove the social discrimination by preaching that all human beings were equal before God.